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[OR: Cut-ups/] 

[OR: textural violence/ ecopoetics/] 

[OR: collage/ fragment/ theft/] 

[OR: hauntology/ lost futures/ distortion/ media/ psychogeography ]

[OR: appropriation/ context/ repetition/ compulsion/]

[OR: gayness/ [neuro]divergence/ absence/ unknowability/ abstraction/]

[OR: cannon/ structure/ collective memory/ low culture/ distortion/ radiation/]

[OR: book-work/ objects/ failure/ rough/ depression/ obsessive compulsion/ social existence]

[OR: decay/ the movement of information/ organisation/ a lack of understanding/ concrete]

[OR: meaning/ conclusion/ argument/ pathway/ structure/ organisation/ understanding/ discrete]

[read: London based poet & collagist [artist], as such]

[read: BA English Lit [2015], MA Creative Writing Poetic Practice [2017] @ RHUL]

[read: professional production controller, unprofessional protean atrocity]

[read: the movement of information, between people, contexts, presentation, forms, structures]

[read: how do you know what you come to understand that you think you know?]

[END: Text: Each Slow Breath]

[END: Text: A Public Place]

[END: Text: A Dead Elk]

[END: Text: This is a Dagger]

[END: Text: CRT Seance]

[END: Text: Read above.]

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