Tragedy is an ongoing project currently consisting of six texts in two volumes. The work's major themes are hauntology, neurodivergence, and homosexuality. 


Volume One: This is a Dagger

The Changeling, The White Devil, Macbeth


Volume One consists of three sequences of 100 collage poems. The works share a visual language and deal thematically with hauntology, absence, forgetting, and physicality. However are thematically distinct in that each has a primary topic; The Changeling discusses the nature and failure of 'history', The White Devil explores how physicality and the body can be abstracted, and Macbeth is about mental illness and isolation. In their original presentation, each is presented as white ink on a black background.


A printing of the first volume is available as a hand-bound artist’s book in an edition of 26. This printing inverts the pages to make them printable with the resources from which their component parts originated; a standard office MFP. My aim it to eventually be able to print the entirety of This is a Dagger was it was originally envisaged; as square images printed white on black backgrounds. If you would like to purchase a copy of This is a Dagger's first printing, contact me for details; each copy is £15, printed on recycled paper, bound with textured card, binding screws, and duct tape, and lettered A-Z.


Volume Two: They are Vanish'd

Sodomical Practices, Noises Again, & Joseph. 


Volume Two consists of three sequences of poems. While these works also draw heavily from found text, appropriation, and collage they are less visual than the first volume. Sodomical Practices draws text from numerous sources to explore how concrete poetic language invariably results in absence. Noises again takes news clippings about homophobia, transphobia, and related issues and pastes them into the structure of Romeo & Juliet. Joseph uses text taken from medical books and my own psychological evaluation to create a clinical form of confessional poetry.

Currently Unpublished.

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