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Poetry Collections

A Dead Elk

Self Published edition of 50, 2017

9 Stapled Pamphlets, presented in a cardboard box with stickers. 100% recycled

This is A Dagger vol 1

Self Published edition of 26, 2019

300 collages, hand-bound as a soft-cover artist's book

Just Meat Not God

Published by Hem Press, April 28th 2022

Noises Again

Published Osmosis Press, September 15th 2022

This is A Dagger vol 2

Self Published edition of 50, 26th October 2023

300 collages, perfect bound as a paperback artist's book

As a Curator

Theatre of Failure, 2017-2020

London-based Live Poetry Night for LGBT Poets

Co-hosted with Sarah Dawson

PermeableBarrier, 2020-Present

Online journal of digital art and poetry


BA English Literature, Royal Holloway University of London

MA Creative Writing (Poetic Practice), Royal Holloway University of London

Received the Bradley de Glehn Scholarship to complete studies

Graduated with Distinction 



ed. by Maisie Gibson [2015]

Folio #1

ed. by Harry Crawford & Sarah Kennedy [2015]

Hold #2

ed. by Cheena Marie Lo, Zoe Tuck, & Tessa Landreau-Grasmuck [2016]

Bedford Square #10

ed. by Adele Ward and Robert Hampson [2016]

Contemporary Poetry Series #2

ed. by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton [2017]

Reliquiae #5

ed. by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton [2017]

Out of Nowhere

ed. by Robin Tomens [2018]

A Queer Anthology of Sickness

ed. by Richard Porter [2019]


Guest ed. by Sarah Cave [2019]

Permeable Barrier #1,2

ed. by JD Howse [2020]


ed. by Nell Perry & Juha Virtanen [2020]

Fruit #2

ed. by Tom White, Tawseef Khan, & Hannah Levene [2020]


ed. Maria Sledmere et al. [2020]


ed. Crested Tit Collective [2020]

Film Poem 'Watermusic' shown at anthology launch

Babel Tower Notice Board

ed. Richard Capener [2020]


ed. Briony Hughes [2021]


ed. Caroline Harris & Isabel Galleymore [2021]

Vessel #1

ed. Flo Reynolds & Cat Woodward [2021]

Babel Parish Radio #4

Interview by Chloe Proctor [2021]

Streetcake #73

ed. Trini Decombe & Nikki Dudley [2021]


ed. Cat Chong [2023]

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