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Theatre of Failure is a new-writing night for LGBT+ poets organised by JD Howse and Sarah Dawson.

Our aim is to create a friendly, welcoming, and supportive space for writers to try out new material in front of an audience.

Our interest is in writing by LGBT+ poets that is innovative, experimental, avant-garde, post-modern, etc.

Theatre of Failure is always free and we welcome anyone and everyone to the audience. If you're interested in performing at a future event get in contact via email, instagram, or twitter.

Past Performances:

Octagon Norman - Performing as JK Rowling

Astra Papachristodoulou - extracts from Diary of Ava Noeman

Instagram: @heyastranaut

Twitter: @heyastranaut


Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain - Poems

Twitter: @PrueChamberlain

Sarah Dawson - Performance

Instagram: @sarah_._dawson

Twitter: @sarahkdawson


Kat Sinclair - Poems

Instagram: @katmsinclair

Twitter: @katmsinclair


Mendoza - Poems

Chloe Proctor - 'We Green Loosen' and 'This Will Not Bring You Heaven'

Instagram: @pantsproctor

Twitter: @chloproctor

James Cole - Poems

Instagram: @ja.col

Twitter: @jagarcol

JD Howse - 'Hajda Da Ludujemo'

Instagram: @dead.elk


Sarah Dawson - Performance

Instagram: @sarah_._dawson

Twitter: @sarahkdawson


Anna Cathenka - Poems

Instagram: @theannacathenka

Twitter: @annacathenka


Daniella Valz Gen - Poems

Instagram:  @daniella_vg

Alison Rumfitt - Poems


Twitter: @alisonzone

Robert Hainault - Poems

Twitter: @roberthainault

JD Howse and Sarah Dawson - An Eye-Contact Simulator

Instagram: @dead.elk


Instagram: @sarah_._dawson

Twitter: @sarahkdawson


Al Anderson - Poems

Instagram: @al_anderson

Dolly Turing - Poems

Instagram: @labracadabradoll

Samuel Solomon - Translations and 'A Duty of Care'

Instagram:  @drsnax

E.P. Jenkins - Poems

Instagram: @ep.jenkins.poetry


Ali Graham - Poems

Kashif Sharma-Patel - Poems

Instagram: @kashif1917

Cat Chong - Poems

Instagram: @marbledmayhem

Yvonne Litschel - Poems

Instagram: @yvlitschel


Eley Williams - 'The Rebecca Riots'

Instagram:  @giantratsumatra

Twitter: @giantratsumatra

Briony Hughes - '46 Hour Tide'

Instagram: @bristaceyhughes

Kostya Tsolakis - Poems


Twitter: @kostyanaut

Instagram: @kostyanaut

George Reiner - Translations and Poems


Instagram: @elizabeth_reiner

Nehaal Bajwa - Poems

Twitter: @nehaalfhb

Instagram: @nehaalfhb

Sarah Dawson - Performance

Instagram: @sarah_._dawson

Twitter: @sarahkdawson


Kaspar Heinemann - Poems from 'Novelty Theory'

Sarah Cave - Poems


Al Anderson - Poems

JD Howse - from An Aphorism/An Anachronism

Petero Kalulé - Performance

Charlotte Greater - Poems

Stephen Mooney - The Nightmare Lake 

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